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In 2013, Kendall Bajek introduced Argentine empanadas to the Bucks County food scene by opening her tiny tienda called Empanada Mama. For the past five years, she has remained focused on creating innovative and unique pastries that encompass fillings inspired by cuisines from around the world. However, while serving the community, she noticed an increasing demand for more vegan & vegetarian food options. She recently expanded her empanada menu to include more vegetarian soups and salads, and an overwhelmingly positive customer response has compelled her to open a second restaurant concept solely devoted to the preparation of healthy, plant-based foods—meet NOURISH by MAMA.


NOURISH is all about providing the community with quick, healthy, and affordable food choices that are vibrant with flavor and made using the highest quality ingredients available. The menu is inspired by Kendall’s love of travel and exhibits cooking techniques, seasonings, and ingredients that span a multitude of cultures. There are heart-warming curries from India, crunchy vegetable salads with Thai peanut sauce, roasted carrots tossed with za’atar from the Middle East, and toasts served on sourdough that is imported from Spain,

The flavors are certainly bold but the food is surprisingly simple, At NOURISH, we believe that good food does’t need to be complicated. Our goal is to serve you the kind of food that you would cook for yourself at home—if you had the time—and keep it affordable enough to enjoy out.

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